Lyrical Ballads - 1798_cover.jpg

Samuel Taylor Coleridge & William Wordsworth

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Mitchell, Sarah Bacaller & Denis Daly

In this collection, the authors were striving for a natural and unaffected style of verse that sought to avoid the elaborate structures and artifice that they considered had characterized much of the poetry of the 18th century.

Of the 23 poems, only four are by Coleridge, including "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which is the most famous poem in the collection. The most notable contribution by Wordsworth is the concluding poem, "Tintern Abbey".

A further collection of Lyrical Ballads, containing poems only by Wordsworth, was published in 1800.

Audio editing and cover design by Denis Daly.

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Kenneth Grahame

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Presented by The Online Stage

The Wind in the Willows, first published in 1908, is one of the most beloved of all children's classics and has been adapted on multiple occasions for presentation on stage, in film, and as an opera.

The action centers on the efforts of Mole, Rat, and Badger to discipline and reform their wealthy and self-destructive friend Toad, who lives in a splendid mansion known as Toad Hall.

Much of the charm of the narrative lies in the vivid descriptions of the natural habitat of the various animal characters.


  • Narrator - Sarah Bacaller

  • Mole - Rob Goll

  • Rat - Graham Scott

  • Toad - David Shears

  • Badger - Ron Altman

  • Otter - Mark Crowle-Groves

  • Gaoler's Daughter - Anna Grace

  • Sea Rat - Ben Stevens

  • Barge Woman - Linda Barrans

  • Additional voices provided by Trisha Rose, Christianne Lupher, P J Morgan, Alan Weyman, Phil Benson, Peter Tucker, Leanne Yau, and Denis Daly.


Audio edited by Denis Daly. Cover Design by Sarah Bacaller. 

Seven Little Australians 1.jpg

Ethel Turner

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller

Seven Little Australians is the story of the mischievous seven children of the Woolcot family - Meg, Pip, Judy, Bunty, Nell, Baby, and the General, whose father little understands them and whose young stepmother is hardly an adult herself. The Australian bush sets an iconic backdrop for the misadventures of this energetic mob. 

Seven Little Australians is classic work of Australian children's literature and is set in 1880s Sydney. Written by Ethel Turner and originally published in 1894, it was recognised in 1994 as the only Australian book to have been continuously in print for over 100 years.

Cover design by Sarah Bacaller. 

The Wisdom and Religion of a German Phil

Elizabeth Haldane (ed.), foreword by Sarah Bacaller

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller

As a compilation of notable fragments from the writings of German philosopher, G. W. F. Hegel, this audiobook functions as a helpful and intriguing introduction to the keynotes of his thought.

The collection was edited by a fascinating Scottish woman of the Victorian era, Elizabeth Haldane. Prior to organizing the compilation of this text, Haldane (along with Frances H. Simson) translated into English Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy in three volumes. Haldane also translated two volumes of Decartes' philosophical works, and produced numerous other publications. Haldane received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from St. Andrews University in 1906.

This audiobook, comprised of short selections from Hegel's writings and organized by theme, includes a preface by Elizabeth Haldane and a foreword by Sarah Bacaller. Each Hegelian fragment includes a reference to its original source for those who want to further pursue particular selections.

Cover Design by Sarah Bacaller

GKC Intro to Job2.jpg

G. K. Chesterton

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller

In this short work, G.K. Chesterton writes with characteristic vivacity as he explores the compelling paradoxes of the book of Job, as found in the Hebrew Scriptures. Armed with keen precision and incisive wit, Chesterton revels in the reversions of expectation found in this story, particularly regarding the character of God. Indeed Chesterton names the God of Job a blasphemer, an atheist ... and identifies the loneliness of God as the central idea of the Hebrew Scriptures. Listeners will delight in the twists and turns of Chesterton's thought as he illuminates one of the classic pieces of ancient literature with genuine passion and deft insight.


William Wallace (trans.)

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller

This text draws together central components of Hegel's philosophical system as he explores the development of Mind (Spirit, Geist) in its individual, communal and conceptual aspects. Translator William Wallace writes (1894): 'I here offer a translation of the third or last part of Hegel's encyclopaedic sketch of philosophy, Philosophy of Mind. The volume, like its subject, stands complete in itself. But it may also be regarded as a supplement or continuation of the work begun in my version of his logic.' 

In this philosophy of mind, contradiction and assimilation invoke constant change and development, as Hegel demonstrates the intrinsic fluidity of thought. While published in 1894, Wallace's translation remains a sound, historically significant translation of Hegel's work.  


Note: Hegel's paragraphs are numbered. Being the third part of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences, Philosophy of Mind begins at paragraph 377 and concludes at paragraph 577. References to the two previous texts (Logic and Philosophy of Nature) are indicated in the narrative by footnote entries referencing previous paragraph numbers within the Encyclopaedia.

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L. M. Montgomery

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller

This collection of 18 short stories written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, famous for her Anne of Green Gables series, are part of a wider collection within a prolific portfolio. Written several years before Anne was initially published, these stories exhibit a development of significant themes and narrative styles within Montgomery’s writing. Woven with thematic threads of belonging, isolation, family, class and reputation, this audiobook will delight listeners with its rich narratives, textured as they are with the significant concerns of human existence so characteristic to Montgomery’s characters.

The Coup_cover.jpg

Peter Tucker

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage.

This play deals with an incident which occurred early in the history of the colony of New South Wales, Australia: the so-called "Rum Rebellion".

New South Wales struggled as a new British penal colony, facing drought, famine, social incoherence, and the development of an intransigent military cartel which did not lose any opportunity to exploit the circumstances. Together with an entrepreneurial landowner society led by John Macarthur, they made the task of the Governor, William Bligh (of The Bounty) very difficult. The resulting crescendo of conflict boiled over into Australia's only military coup, in which the full forces of the New South Wales Corps marched up and arrested Bligh, holding him under house arrest for a year before allowing him to set sail from Sydney Harbour.

The stage play has an indigenous narrator, the bemused and somewhat indignant Tedbury, whose contact with the invading community does not end well.

As far as possible, the play respects actual historical facts and attempts to illustrate a recurring pattern of conflicts and motivations of individuals in power recognizable even in the present day. 

Narration by Sarah Bacaller

Roles performed by Peter Tucker, David Prickett, Alan Weyman, Elizabeth Chambers, Amanda Friday, Phil Benson, Graham Scott, Denis Daly, Graham Scott, Mark Crowle-Groves, Noel Badrian, Craig Franklin, and Andrew Coleman.

©2020 Peter Tucker (P)2020 Peter Tucker

SC A Comic Wake (cover).jpg

Stephen Curkpatrick

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller.

A Comic Wake: Extrapolations from Acts offers two essays exploring themes from the New Testament writings known as Acts. The first essay, "Comedy of Christian Faith" explores the nature of comedy, finding parallels in many dynamics of Christian faith and identity. 

The second essay, "In the Wake of Acts" explores an absence of mourning as a cultural phenomenon in the early Christian community in Acts, and asks what this might indicate regarding Christian faith and hope.

These essays will appeal to those of Christian faith traditions interested in the dynamics of experience in scripture, and to those looking to engage thoughtfully with theological themes.

These two essays were original published in Suci Iman Akademis Dan Praktis: Jurnal Teologi. Dr. Stephen Curkpatrick is an Australian academic. 


Alice Gerstenberg

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage

Alice Gerstenberg (1885-1972) was an American playwright, actress, and activist. She is best known for her many feminist plays, which often feature female lead characters and all-female casts (a rare occurrence at the time). This is a collection of ten one-act plays, which cover a wide range of topics. Highlights include a lighthearted farce involving gossiping women, a satire about dinner parties, and a comedy about the pretensions of conventional theater, but some plays also touch on more serious themes such as death, war, and the effects of an unhappy marriage.

Also among this set of plays is Overtones, Gerstenberg's most original and best-known work about two women, Harriet and Margaret, and their "primitive selves". Overtones is known as one of the pioneering works of psychological drama and was a revolutionary presentation of the subconscious in theatre; major playwrights such as Eugene O'Neill have acknowledged its influence on their own work.

Gerstenberg's most significant contribution to the little theater movement was her founding of the Playwright's Theatre of Chicago, which opened up opportunities for local playwrights to produce their work. She was awarded the Chicago Foundation for Literature Award in 1938.


  1. He Said and She Said

  2. Overtones

  3. The Unseen

  4. The Buffer

  5. Attuned

  6. The Pot Boiler

  7. Hearts

  8. Beyond

  9. Fourteen

  10. The Illuminati in Drama Libre

Featuring the voices of Leanne Yau, Andy Harrington, Anna Grace, Sarah Bacaller, Sara Morsey, Tomas Peter, Ron Altman, Peter Tucker, John Burlinson, Elizabeth Klett and Amanda Friday.

Audio edited by Leanne Yau and Denis Daly.

Hegelian Fragments cover.jpg

Stephen Curkpatrick

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller.

Less Is More: Hegelian Fragments is a compilation of aphoristic fragments that explore philosophical aspects of human, and specifically Christian, identity. Engaging Hegel in particular, along with a selection of his precursors and recent interpreters, these fragments explore diverse aspects and tensions of human existence through heuristic interpretation of Hegelian themes. This exploration takes the form of compressed aphoristic writing whereby less is more

Dr. Stephen Curkpatrick is an Australian academic.

Cameos cover final.jpg

Cameos on Christian Identity:

GR Stirling's Purple Patches

Gordon Stirling, Sarah Bacaller (ed.)

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller.

"Christianity is an idealistic insanity, quite unworkable in a sane, practical world...."


"As a young man, I was having a crisis of faith. I was very fond of Jesus, but I thought that God was rough, harsh, capricious and vindictive."   

"I hear sermons in which the diagnosis of the world's ills is excellent. I wait anxiously for the cure. But from being factual and detailed and down to earth, the preachers become vague and general, and tell me what I already know.... 'Christ is the answer.' Sure he is, but how?"    

"Let us stop peddling simplistic solutions to complex problems. Let us accept the fact that in a complex world, there are no easy Christian answers."    

So writes Gordon Stirling in this collection of fragments on human life and Christian faith. Stirling addresses themes including ethical relationality, religious language, biblical hermeneutics, political engagement, and Restoration Movement heritage and ethos. This engagement is fuelled by his conviction that the good news of Christian faith can and must speak deeply into the most pressing issues and concerns of human life.     

This audiobook is arranged as a collection of fragments, selected and edited by Sarah Bacaller, and organised by year. These fragments are taken from Stirling's original series of articles, provocatively titled Page 13Page 13 was published fortnightly on page 13 of the Australian Churches of Christ's national publication, the Australian Christian, between 1979 and 1987. The issues in focus remain strikingly contemporary to the challenges of our time.


C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller

The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke is a classic Australian work of poetry composed by renowned poet, C.J. Dennis (1876–1938). This verse-novel chronicles Bill's coming-of-age through romance, love, and fatherhood. From rambunctious street-strolling youth to settled, responsible father, Bill's story unfolds with keen Aussie larrikinism and humour. This work is narrated as a duet by Denis Daly (Bill) and Sarah Bacaller (Doreen).


C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller.

This is is the second of the verse novels by C.J. Dennis and was published in 1916. It describes the adventures of Ginger Mick, a rough and ready associate of Bill, the major character of The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke. After starting life on the criminal fringes of the dubious neighbourhood of Spadger's Lane, Mick signs up for service in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign, where he dies a hero's death. The poem not only celebrates the jingoistic spirit of the Australian war effort, but also contains sobering reflections about the devastation of armed conflict and the physical and psychological trauma suffered by servicemen.

Doreen final.jpg

C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly & Sarah Bacaller.

Doreen is a verse-novel by renowned Australian poet, C.J. Dennis (1876-1938). As one of the sequels to the 1915 verse-novel, The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, it continues to follow the family capers of Bill and Doreen along with their young son. Originally published in 1917, Doreen is a classic work of Australian poetry.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.13.37 pm.png

C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller

Written by celebrated Australian poet, C.J. Dennis, Digger Smith is part of a collection of verse novels following the exploits of everyday Australian characters.     

Digger Smith is an Australian soldier who has fought at Gallipoli. An old mate of Ginger Mick's (The Moods of Ginger Mick), he returns from the war to visit the family of a fellow solder, Jim Flood. Narrated by Bill (the protagonist of The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke and a neighbour of the Floods), the story is woven together with sobering reflections and emotive dynamics expressed within a community of neighbours - friends and families of Australia's soldiers.     

The book was written during World War I and was originally published in 1918.

Backblock Ballads and Later Verses_cover

C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller.

Backblock Ballads and Later Verses is a collection of poetry by celebrated Australian poet, C. J. Dennis (1876-1938).

The 36 poems, many of which are written in Aussie vernacular, highlight the extraordinary, the comic and the tragic of daily life in Australia. Quirks of culture, geography, and language are simultaneously caricatured and celebrated, while the challenges and ironies of human experience are touched upon with humor and pathos. 

Many of these poems first appeared in Australian periodicals during the early 20th century. As a collection, Backblock Ballads and Later Verses was first published in 1918 and includes the notorious mock anthem, "The Austra-laise".

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.13.25 pm.png

C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller

Ginger Mick has fallen amongst the ANZACS of Gallipoli - but not before entreating his mate Bill to take care of his sweetheart, Rose. Bill sets out with a local minister to 'rescue' Rose from a life of moral and material poverty, unbeknownst to his wife Doreen (or so he thinks!). The adventure unfolds with the humour, larrikinism, Aussie colloquialisms and pathos characteristic of C.J. Dennis.

This verse novel continues the audiobook collection of the works of this celebrated Australian poet, along with other titles including The Songs of a Sentimental BlokeDoreen and The Moods of Ginger Mick.

Jim of the Hills.jpg

C. J. Dennis

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Denis Daly and Sarah Bacaller.

Jim of the Hills is a verse novel written by celebrated Australian poet, C.J. Dennis (1876-1938). It is narrated by shy, hard-working Jim, who works for a sawmill in the Australian bush. With characteristic pathos and wit, the story unfolds in twists and turns as Jim encounters Ben Murray, the Widow, Old Bob Blair, and the angel with the sunlit hair. This Australian classic, originally published in 1919, is a true delight.  

My Robin 7.jpg

Frances Hodgson Burnett

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller. 

Here Frances Hodgson Burnett describes her delightful encounter with an English robin, who became the inspiration for Mary's little friend in The Secret Garden. Burnett's relationship with the robin, who frequently visits her outdoor writing desk in a rose garden in Kent, unfolds with affection and intimacy. "He was more than a robin," she writes, "He was a soul". 

Cover design by Sarah Bacaller. 


Stephen Leacock

(free -, Youtube)

Presented by The Online Stage.

The author has described this mocking tribute to Edwardian politics as 'a political novel of the Days that Were.'

Narration by Alexa Sheppard



Perriton Powers - Graham Scott 

Sir John Elphinspoon - Denis Daly

Lady Elphinspoon - Sarah Bacaller

Angela - Leanne Yau 

The Prime Minister - Marty Krz

Additional voices:Ben Stevens, Alan Weyman, Ron Altman, Joseph Tabler and Max Körlinge.

Audio edited by Denis Daly



Stephen Leacock

(free –, Youtube)

Presented by The Online Stage

In this satirical farrago about the suspicious death of a social celebrity, Leacock spins a tale involving many of the characters who are a stock in trade in murder mysteries:  the intrepid investigator,  the bumbling policeman, the intimidating entrepeneur, the glamorous maiden and the calculating possible culprit.

Narration by Sarah Bacaller


Masterman Throgton - Joseph Tabler

Inspector Edwards - John Burlinson

Transome Kent - Andy Harrington

Alice Delary - Anna Grace 

Peter Kelly - Jeff Moon 

Also featuring the voices of: Alexa Sheppard, Susan Iannucci, Marty Krz, Denis Daly, Ben Stevens, Ron Altman, Graham Scott and Michelle Marie.

Audio edited by Denis Daly.



Stephen Leacock

(free –

Presented by The Online Stage

Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock (1869 - 1944) was one of the most widely read authors in the English language in the early Twentieth Century.  In his anthology,  Over the Footlights and Other Fancies, he satirizes several dramatic genres, and one of his most hilarious sketches depicts a performance of a Greek play by university students.



Narrator - Marty Krz

Oroastus - Alan Weyman

Herald - Andy Harrington

Chorus/Crowd - Sarah Bacaller


Audio edited by Denis Daly


The Hunting of the Snark_cover.jpg

Lewis Carroll


Presented by The Online Stage.

An Agony in Eight Fits


Narrator - Sarah Bacaller

The Bellman - Graham Scott

The Baker - Andrew Coleman

The Butcher - Ben Stevens

The Judge - Denis Daly

The Beaver - Leanne Yau

The Snark - Erin Louttit

Cover design by Sarah Bacaller. 


Her Tongue_cover.jpg

Henry Arthur James

(free –, Youtube)

Presented by The Online Stage. 

Fred and Minnie Bracy want to help their friend Patty get engaged, but Patty's incessant talking always gets in the way of someone taking an interest in her. Mr. Scobell had met Patty at a ball and mentioned he would like to see her again. When the two finally meet a second time, the outcome is not what either of them expected.



Patty Hanslope: Jennie VanderLugt

Lawrence Scobell : Andy Harrington

Fred Bracy: David Shears

Minnie Bracy: Amanda Friday

The Waiter:  Tom Saer

Stage directions read by Sarah Bacaller

Audio edited by Amanda Friday


Child of the Jago cover2.jpg

Arthur Morrison

(Audible, iTunes)

Narrated by Sarah Bacaller and Denis Daly.

This grimly picturesque novel by Arthur Morrison was first published in 1897. The central character is Dicky Perrott, an urchin living in the Jago, an extremely squalid district of London's East End. The Jago is based on the Old Nichol slum, which lay at the back of Shoreditch High Street, and which has since been demolished. 

The novel describes Dicky's futile attempts to escape from the soul-destroying environment of the Jago, with the support of the Reverend Henry Sturt, who was based on the historical East End crusader, Arthur Osborne Jay, to whom the book is dedicated.


Floyd Dell

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage  

Floyd Dell has been called "one of the most flamboyant, versatile, and influential American Men of Letters of the first third of the 20th century". Though he was primarily a newspaper and magazine editor, most prominently of the radical left-wing magazine The Masses, he also published many best-selling feminist works. As a staunch advocate of feminism, socialism, psychoanalysis, and progressive education, his writing greatly shocked the American bourgeoisie at the time, to the point where it became so controversial, he was put on trial twice for his subversive literature.  

This is a complete collection of all 11 of his short plays, which include many delights, such as a dialogue musing upon the curiosities of human nature, fights between lovers, a tragic fantasy story, and even a comedic take on a popular biblical tale.  

1 Human Nature 
2 The Chaste Adventures of Joseph 
3 The Angel Intrudes 
4 Legend 
5 Sweet-And-Twenty 
6 A Long Time Ago 
7 Enigma 
8 Ibsen Revisited 
9 King Arthur's Socks 
10 The Rim of the World 
11 Poor Harold 

Featuring the voices of Leanne Yau, Anna Grace, Tomas Peter, Marty Krz, Tom Fisher, Tom Saer, Michelle Marie, Ben Stevens, Lee Ann Howlett, Sarah Mitchell, John Burlinson, Graham Scott, Denis Daly, Andy Harrington, Chris Marcellus, Jennifer Fournier, Sarah Bacaller, Larry Wilson, Amanda Friday, Alan Weyman, Joseph Tabler, Ted Wenskus, Nancy German, Mark Crowle-Groves, Shirley Savage, and PJ Morgan.  

Audio edited by Leanne Yau and Denis Daly. 
Cover art by Gregor Strähle.

Saint Joan final2.jpg

George Bernard Shaw

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage

According to George Bernard Shaw, Joan of Arc was in fact one of the first Protestant martyrs. She was one of the first apostles of nationalism, and the first French practitioner of Napoleonic realism in warfare. She also refused to accept the specific woman's lot, and dressed and fought and lived as men did.

Shaw's exploration of the story of this ingenuous and eponymous heroine is set in six scenes and an epilogue, which takes place on 1456, when the church cleared Joan of the charge of heresy and condemned her accusers of corruption.

The ghost of Joan appears and, later, an emissary from the year 1920, to announce Joan's canonization. 

This production also includes a very condensed version of Shaw's lengthy preface. 



  • Narrator and Duchess de la Trémouille - Anna Grace

  • Robert de Baudricourt, Sentry and Courcelles - Graham Scott  

  • Joan - Amanda Friday

  • Bertrand, D'Estivet and Gentleman - Jeff Moon

  • Archbishop and First Assessor - David Stifel

  • De la Trémouille, John de Stogumber and Executioner - Denis Daly

  • Steward and Warwick - Alan Weyman

  • La Hire, Second Assessor and English Soldier - Phil Benson

  • Bluebeard and Ladvenu - David Shears

  • Charles (Dauphin) - Tom Saer

  • Dunois and Third Assessor - Andy Harrington

  • Cauchon - Peter Tucker

  • Inquisitor - Noel Badrian

  • Page - Sarah Bacaller


Audio edited by Denis Daly.

Best British Short Stories coverart 1 ad

(Audible, iTunes)

A Voices of Today Production.

An anthology selected and edited by Edward J. O’Brien and John Cournos with an introduction by John Cournos and Edward O'Brien.  

  • "Where Was Wych Street" by Stacy Aumonier  

  • "The Looking Glass" by J.D. Beresford 

  • "The Olive" by Algernon Blackwood  

  • "Once a Hero" by Harold Brighouse  

  • "The Pensioner" by William Caine  

  • "Broadsheet Ballad" by A.E. Coppard  

  • "Seaton's Aunt" by Walter de la Mare  

  • "The Reaper" by Dorothy Eaton  

  • "The Song" by Mary Edginton  

  • "A Hedonist" by John Galsworthy  

  • "The Bat and Belfry Inn" by Alan Graham  

  • "The Lie" by Holloway Horn  

  • "A Girl in It" by Rowland Kenney  

  • "The Backstairs of the Mind" by Rosamond Langbridge  

  • "The Birth of a Masterpiece" by Lucas Malet  

  • "Genius" by Elinor Mordaunt  

  • "The Devil to Pay" by Max Pemberton  

  • "Empty Arms" by Roland Pertwee  

  • "Lena Wrace" by May Sinclair  

  • "The Dice Thrower" by Sidney Southgate  

  • "The Stranger Woman" by G.B.Stern  

  • "The Woman Who Sat Still" by Parry Truscott  

  • "Major Wilbraham" by Hugh Walpole 

Narrated by Christianne Lupher, Alan Weyman, Sara Morsey, Sarah Bacaller, and Michelle Marie.


Rudyard Kipling

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage 

Kipling's delightful collection of imaginative tales about natural history has captivated children and adults alike since its publication in 1902. Here the stories are presented in dramatic format by members of The Online Stage:


  1. "How the Whale Got His Throat"

  2. "How the Camel Got His Hump"

  3. "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin"

  4. "How the Leopard Got His Spots"

  5. "The Elephant's Child"

  6. "The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo"

  7. "The Beginning of the Armadillos"

  8. "How the First Letter Was Written"

  9. "How the Alphabet Was Made"

  10. "The Crab That Played with the Sea"

  11. "The Cat That Walked by Himself"

  12. "The Butterfly That Stamped"

  13. "The Tabu Tale"

Featuring the voices of Alan Weyman, Amanda Friday, Andy Harrington, Ben Stevens, Christianne Lupher, Chyanne Donnell, Denis Daly, Elizabeth Chambers, Jeff Moon, Jennifer Fournier, John Burlinson, K.G. Cross, Larry Wilson, Leanne Yau, Lee Ann Howlett, Marty Krz, Maureen Boutilier, Michelle Marie, Nancy German, Noel Badrian, P.J. Morgan, Ron Altman, Sarah Bacaller, Susan Iannucci, and Ted Wenskus.

Music excerpts from Scenes from Childhood and Novelleten by Robert Schumann.

Audio edited by Denis Daly.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.37.51 pm.png

George Bernard Shaw

(Audible, iTunes)

Presented by The Online Stage 

In the Greek legend, a sculptor, Pygmalion, created a statue of a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with it. Later the goddess Aphrodite responded to his earnest prayers and brought the statue, named Galatea, to life. Shaw's Pygmalion is a fussy unmarried professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins, who claims that he could train an uneducated person off the street to speak so that he or she could pass as a member of the aristocracy. His Galatea is Eliza Doolittle, who sells flowers at Covent Garden and whose father is a dissipated but cunning vagrant. Higgins finds Eliza a surprisingly apt pupil, but with her new found skill in elocution comes a streak of independence, which threatens to upset the complacent harmony of his domestic life. Like many of Shaw's plays, Pygmalion includes a preface, as well as an afterword in which Shaw relates the further history of Eliza as she learns how to incorporate her training by Higgins into her new lifestyle. 


  • Narrator: Grace Garrett 

  • Eliza Dolittle: Arielle Lipshaw  

  • Henry Higgins: Jeff Moon  

  • Colonel Pickering: Denis Daly 

  • Clara Eynsford-Hill: Amanda Friday 

  • Mrs. Eynsford-Hill and Mrs Pearce: Sara Morsey  

  • Bystander and Mrs. Higgins: Sarah Mitchell  

  • Sarcastic Bystander and Alfred Dolittle: Alan Weyman  

  • Parlour-Maid: Sarah Bacaller  

  • Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Mark Crowle-Groves 


  • Audio edited by Denis Daly.