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How do you forge a future when you're so busy dealing with today that you can't see ahead? 


Gab is bright, empathic and takes life as it comes. She lives in rural Australia with her struggling mother, Gina, and her little brother Jack. As school life comes to an end, her friends are keen to see Gab reach beyond her current circumstances. But they don't understand that her vocational choices are entirely shaped by her family responsibilities. 

As home-life reaches a new crisis point, Gab’s chains are unexpectedly broken. Her newfound freedom brings new opportunities … but Gina's grip on her daughter remains. Can Gab break free of her past and build a life stronger and better than she has ever known? As consequences unfold, it will take all Gab's courage to push on.

Genres: Coming-of-age, literary fiction, YA. Ages 14+

The Fault Lines Founding Liberty
Available from online book retailers, as a Kindle eBook and as an Audiobook

Themes: Religious trauma, friendship, transformation, life and death, freedom. Ages 14+

SYNOPSIS: The Fault Lines Founding Liberty explores the tensions inherent in growing up and moving on from faith, family, and past versions of ourselves. With unanswered questions and hovering guilt, a young woman comes to confront the specters of her past through dialogue with an unexpected companion. This process is as uncomfortable as it is transformative. Freedom is discovered not by eliminating life's loose ends nor running away from them, but in gathering them bravely and continuing to put one foot in front of the other despite everything--a process made hopeful in the solidarity of unexpected friendship. 

"Fault Lines is an engrossing novella about an unexpected friendship between women, portrayed with sensitivity and nuance. Sarah Bacaller has crafted a moving exploration of faith and hope in the face of death." -- Elizabeth Klett, Professor of Literature, University of Houston-Clear Lake


Articles, Book reviews, Translations … 

First Nations Story of the Southern Cross


Samuel Curkpatrick, Sarah Bacaller, Wanta Jampijinpa Pawu. 

The Conversation AU


Kaleidoscopic Apertures: Generosity and Veracity in the philosophical theology of Stephen Curkpatrick


 Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review, 53 (1)


“Hegel and Vocation: Beyond a Sacred Secular Divide”,


In Transforming Vocation 

(Wipf & Stock, 2021)

Book review: 

White Women, Aboriginal Missions and Australian Settler Governments: Maternal Contradictions 

Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw.


 Mission Studies 39

Opinion piece:

“Heroes never escape unscathed: Bringing toxic behaviour to light”


Eternity News, June 9, 2020



The wisdom and religion of a German Philosopher: Selections from the writings of G.W.F. Hegel (Audiobook). 


Elizabeth Haldane (ed.); Sarah Bacaller (foreword, narrator) 2019


Historical document curation:

G.R. Stirling’s Purple Patches, selected and edited by Sarah Bacaller (Indonesia: Griya Media & STTJKI), ISBN 978-602-6257-77-2 (Also narrated as an audiobook) 

Page 13: A selection from the writings of Gordon Stirling, edited and curated by Sarah Bacaller (Indonesia: Griya Media & STTJKI), ISBN: 978-602-6257-52-9


Editorial Collective member (intern), Journal of Continental Philosophy, 2021–present. 

Co-editor, reo: a journal of theology and ministry, Stirling Theological College student publication (, 2017–2021. 

Book reviews: 

Metanoia: a memoir of a body, born again by Anna McGahan. In: Practical Theology, Volume 16, Issue 6, Nov. 2020

Dangerous Memory in Nagasaki: Prayers, Protests and Catholic Survivor Narratives, by Gwyn McClelland. In: Mission Studies (Brill), Volume 38, Issue 1, May 2021. 

A Faith for the Dissatisfied, by Joel McKerrow. In: Journal of Contemporary Ministry, Volume 5, 2021. 

Conference papers:

“Interpreting theological anthropologies by reference to attachment theory: heuristic possibilities”, ANZATS Conference, June 2021.  

With Denis Daly. “Narrating and Narrated: Recasting Australian Short Stories in Audiobook Form”, The Short Story and Its Readers: Words and the World Symposium, Deakin University, Dec. 2020. 

“Anne and Sybylla as Philosophical Theologians”, University of Divinity Annual Research Conference, June 2020.

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